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The Magic of Self Care WORKBOOK will change your life!


A self paced workbook that takes you on a  journey of self discovery, healing and  a way to structure your life around YOU! Written by Delappe' Russell-Rowe- Counsellor/Pychotherpaist with many years experience working with clients who have changed their life using these practices and principlas.


Following the ideas put forward, you will be able to identify what areas in your life need focus, and then choose at your own will, strategies and daily practices that centre around Self Care.By infusing these practices daily, over time, you will see and feel the difference in everything you do!


Tried and tested, these practices do work, with daily commitment and good intention. A beautifully presented workbook, with evidence based information and with a therapeutic approach to Self Care, the workbook is packed with worksheets, reflection exercises and a plan to motivate and guide you to regain your zest for life and to be the author of your own wellbeing journey!


The Magic of Self Care is truly magical!

The Magic of Self Care WORKBOOK HARDCOPY

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