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  • What is Psychotherapy?
    Psychotherapy is a particular type of counselling that involves working with the client using various theories of human behaviour and change. Psychotherapists use specific approaches to questioning to dig deep to discover why the client behaves in a certain way based on subconscious motives and behaviours. By bringing the subconscious, conscious, the therapist and client work together to rebuild new coping skills, behaviours and outlook on life.
  • What are the benefits of Psychotherapy?
    Working with your therapist over a period of time, psychotherapy helps you; * Gain greater insights about your behaviour and life in general * Gain an understanding about your behaviour, and then equips you with new and healthier coping skills * Discover the source of stress in your life and equips you with coping strategies and a pathway to reach new goals * Develop healthier thinking patterns and greater awareness about negative thoughts * Equips you with better communications skills which results in a higher level of healthier relationship interactions *Build your self esteem and purpose in life
  • How long does it take to see a difference and to feel better after a therapy session?
    Some people only need one session to feel a difference in themselves, depending on the issue presenting on the day. Others might need a longer period of time with at least 10 sessions to make major changes in their life. It also depends on how much the client wants to take control of making the necessary changes in their life.
  • How long is a therapy session?
    All sessions are 1 hour long
  • What can I expect in a therapy session?
    In the first session, the counsellor will ask you several questions about your concerns and then the session will be a question and answer situation which will unwind naturally, depending upon your presenting issues and concerns. We will discuss these concerns in a private and confidential setting. Counsellors are trained to listen carefully to your issues, to ascertain any hidden or unknown areas that may arise for you. We then work together over a period of time to map out a road map to happiness and to equip you with healthy coping skills and behaviours. My style as a therapist is to set 'homework' regularly, in which we discuss at the following session. Sometimes the sessions can be deeply emotional. As a counsellor I am trained to hold space for you in a caring and empathetic environment.
  • Do you accept any Mental Health Care Plans or Private Health cover?
    Unfortunately we do not accept any MHCP or Private Health cover. Our fees are charged as per the gap you would pay if you were to claim back from Medicare or a Private Health Fund. We also have several packages that you can book in advance, which gives you a $10.00 reduction in a consultation if you book as a package. All bookings can be made online at or via email enquiry or via phoning us on 0407479280. Please leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we are available.
  • Do I need a referral to come to counselling?
    No, you do not need a referral. To make a booking, please contact us via our website or phone 0407479280 or email
  • How can Mentoring help me?
    Having a mentor is highly beneficial to you, especially if you are starting out in your profession. Delappe' Russell-Rowe is an experienced ex teacher with over 25 years as a primary teacher, senior teacher and educator. Being mentored on a regular basis, allows you a space to check in with someone regularly. Some of the benefits of being mentored are; being encouraged and empowered in personal development being helped to identify and achieve career goals being helped to identify and correct gaps in generic skills and knowledge increasing your confidence developing and maintaining a broader perspective on career options and opportunities monitoring your wellbeing and mental health in relation to Self Care to avoid burnout and fatigue and to maintain your love for teaching
  • Do you only offer Tele Health sessions via Zoom and Phone and what do I need to be prepared?
    At present we only offer counselling sessions via Zoom or Phone. You need to have a good internet connection or phone reception in order for the sessions to be effective. A ZOOM link will be sent to you when you book online. if you prefer to do the counselling session via phone, please let us know when you make the booking. Please select an area which is private, have a notebook at hand to write any notes if need be, and make sure you are able to focus directly on the session without distractions.
  • What is your cancellation and payment policy?
    CANCELLATION POLICY Due to the nature of our sessions, we have a strict cancellation policy. Please give 24 hours notice, to either cancel or reschedule, or full fee will be charged. If you are late to your session, we can only do the session up to the hour booked, as we have other sessions scheduled with strict timing. If you are more than 30 mins late, the session is cancelled with no refund. BOOKING POLICY We offer online or direct deposit payments via credit card or direct deposit. All sessions must be paid for before commencing, with payment also being received before commencement of the session. (Please allow time for payment to go through if paying via Direct Deposit). A screen shot of receipt of payment from your bank is suffice. Please send a screenshot or receipt of payment through to us via email, info@ or via text 0407479280
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